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Commercial Services

Commercial Asphalt Paving

Look no further if you need a paving contractor for your commercial property. Rian’s Paving and Patching has the skills and experience to provide you with the highest quality asphalt paving you expect. Some of our commercial services include parking lots, access roads, walking paths, overlays, and more. Just as our name implies, Rian’s paving and patching, we are ready to take care of all your asphalt paving repairs, no matter the size of the job.

driveway asphalt paving


Asphalt Paving

  • Driveway Install
  • Parking Lots
  • Overlays
  • Walking Paths
  • ADA Handicap Parking

Asphalt Pavement Repair

  • Potholes
  • Remove & Replace
  • Heating & Scoring Asphalt
  • Asphalt Seal-Coating
  • Asphalt Crack Filling
  • Asphalt Striping

Stone Driveway Install

  • Grading Driveways
  • Adding Stone





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